WooCommerce Integration

Cash sale Sync

A WooCommerce Integration with Autocount.

After Installed, It will appear a yellow icon with ‘Z’ alpahabet and is called “Autocount WordPress”.


Open the Application Start menu search for “AutoCountWordpress”.


Once App open, click on “Setting” page for the first-time configuration.

Fill in the information as below.
(The setting may different depend on AutoCount setting installed)
(Please refer AutoCount installation setting and user preference example Debtor, Shipping Code)

Server Name : (local)\A2006
Server Login : sa
Server Password : xxxx
Database Name :AED_exam
AutocountUserId : ADMIN
AutocountPassword : xxxx
Debtor Code : 300-C001
– Refer Server Location Name
–Server Own Login ID
– Server password ( Refer dealer autocount password)
– Refer to Database which the joie website data integrated
– Admin Password
– Set Default

Shipping Item Code : S00000001
Shipping Item Name: Shipping001
Setting below is FIXED. Do not change:
Url : woocommerce website
– Set Default
–Set Default

User Name : ck_8dda655433d4ee6c6517345d530ca3e85ca0db08
Password : cs_9fc420fdbbbcdcb157765db5476ad041afdcaa00



Click on “Update” to update the information integration.


First, open the “AutocountWordpress” Icon.

Secondly, make sure “AutoCount” is open and click “SYNC”. Sync Done if successful.

If fail , system will prompt a message.


The CashSalesSync is act as a “One Way” from Woocommerce website to Autocount .
Autocount must on when CashSalesSync start to sync in order to let Woocommerce website data integrate into autocount. Once sync done you may check on your autocount Invoice.

Stock Item Created in website will also sync into Autocount – Stock maintenance in order to allow
Autocount recognize items from Website.

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