Purpose of Workshop Plugin

Allow user maintain vehicle information, enter vehicle information under sales document.

Features and Functions of Workshop Plugin

1. Item Type Favorite Maintenance

  • Allow user to check item that used frequently.

2. Insurance Policy

  • Allow user to create new insurance policy.

3. Foreman Maintenance

  • Maintain workshop’s foreman particulars.
  • Update for incentive given and working activation in the workshop.

4. Sales Agent / Foreman Sales Incentive Point Maintenance

  • Allow to set incentive point for your sales agent / foreman.
  • Individual setting of incentive point for sales agent/ foreman. 

5. Reminder

  • System will list down all the reminders that set earlier.
  • Workshop to send reminder to customer for maintenance.

6. Daily Performance Report

  • Allow user to combine Invoice and Cash Sales and show under one report.

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