Purpose of Repacking Plugin

This plugin allows users to repack their stock items into smaller portions for sale.

Repacking - Staff id maintenance
Repacking - Edit stock item (weight)
Repacking - Pin
Repacking - Repack
Repacking - Incomplete
Repacking - View stock adjustment
Features and Functions of Repacking Plugin

1. Staff ID Maintenance

  • User is allowed to create new or edit information such as staff ID, PIN number, location and project number in this form.

2. Stock Item Maintenance

  • User is required to create a new item code for the small and big portion items before repackaging the big portion items into smaller portions.

  • Users must set the weight for the smaller portions of items and the system will automatically repackage the items.

3. Repacking

  • It is secured because each user is required to input their PIN number to repackage the items.
  • Users can opt for not repacking all their items and be allowed to tick the incomplete box that is located at the left corner of the form. The system will save the remaining quantity of items for the next repacking. The number of items will be shown in the column named previous quantity in the form.

4. Stock Adjustment

  • It will automatically adjust the number of stocks after the user repacks all items.

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